DJ INFINITI – Bhangra Specialist

DJ Infiniti was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and moved to Toronto as a little kid. He has loved music for as long as he can remember. His passion for music and mixing has allowed him to have a successful DJing career for over 18 years.

DJ Infiniti has had the pleasure of DJing all across North America, including Hawaii, Mexico, Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. His ability to read the crowd and understand what song to play at what time is a true skill. Working along some of the big heavyweights DJ Infiniti has had the pleasure of working with Sir-mix-alot, DJ Sanj and Jay Status for multiple events.

His vast knowledge of multiple genres allows him to take any party to the next level. DJ Infiniti specializes in Bhangra, Bollywood, Top 40, Hip Hop, RnB, , EDM and Reggae.