By combining experience with the passion for making your nuptial affair of the moment memorable, 808 Entertainment is the ideal flavor of your wedding reception.  As masters of the wedding scene, we provide an excellent guide through each step of the way to ensure your special day runs seamlessly.  By fixing prior meetings with brides

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At 808 Entertainment, we understand that corporate events require the utmost professionalism.  Likewise, such gatherings should be fun while keeping the environment safe and sane. Our DJs have had the privilege of handling holiday parties, work parties, awards banquets, dinner dances, family days and workshops for local and national businesses.  Irrespective of the genre of

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Life will not be so interesting if we leave important occasions unmarked.  From individual achievements, like birthdays, anniversary, graduations, to group celebrations like a house party, club events and backyard barbeque, 808 Entertainment is capable of making any day memorable.  You can count on us for national holidays like New Year’s Eve among others, and

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With an experienced team of diverse professionals, and with a genuine passion for their crafts, 808 Entertainment is capable of transforming any setting with colors and strong sound reinforcement.  We offer multi-purpose led lamps for general and specific-purpose lightning.  Our multi-colored and single-colored LEDs are well-optimized to improve energy efficiency while keeping everyone safe. Likewise,

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Whether you are interested in the big and bright booth setups, or the more reserved ones, 808 Entertainment is capable of both.  Our 7 Foot Custom LED DJ booth is a modern screen designed to give your party the most incredible look possible. With excellent customizable functions, you can enjoy the view of your videos

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How about a complete transformation of the look and feel of your event with our range of LED Furniture?  At 808 Entertainment, we have on ground unique LED colored furniture to set the mood for any party you may have. Perfect for creating an amazing atmosphere for corporate, receptions, themed and even private parties; you

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Always a fun time for family and friends, our photo booths always capture the right moments.  Apart from representing trendy, new and sleek designs, our photo booths are specially designed to complement any event’s theme.  You can conveniently take small to large group photos as well as individual sessions; 808 Entertainment photo booths ensure there

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Let some smoke get into the party!  With our party dry ice, we will help you create an epic foggy or smoky atmosphere.  Fit for a memorable entrance to your wedding an birthday parties, our dry ice is completely safe and odorless, giving your photographer and videographer breath-taking moments to capture. Depending on the mood

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808 Entertainment LED Floors are designed to take your party to the next level. Apart from being perfect for weddings, proms, fashion shows and every other event, our led floors will live up to expectations by creating a great dancing atmosphere. Are you planning an 80’s theme party, a 70’s disco party, or a futuristic

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