Whether you are interested in the big and bright booth setups, or the more reserved ones, 808 Entertainment is capable of both.  Our 7 Foot Custom LED DJ booth is a modern screen designed to give your party the most incredible look possible. With excellent customizable functions, you can enjoy the view of your videos and pictures in the booth, with style and class.

We understand clearly that what is appropriate for a sweet 16 may not be good for a wedding, and vice-versa, hence we deliver on a clean and neat setup that leaves no room for lapses of any form. You can rest assured that there will not be wires, clunky lighting structures, and speaker boxes in your everlasting wedding or event photos.

Contact us today to transform your reception party into a spectacular light show, programmed by the 808 Entertainment lighting techs, all night long.

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+1(416) 850-2188

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